How to Use Drone Video for Social Media Marketing Grand Rapids, MI

Drone video represents a new category of content on social media. If you’re struggling to attract new business through social media, your first step should be to call our drone videography team.

Benefits of Drone Video

There are so many ways drone video can transform your online presence, earning you the type of following your company deserves. All industries can benefit from drone videography, including yours.

Continue reading to learn our tips for using drone video for social media marketing. For more help, call our team to learn how to start your own social media campaign with drone videography.


Effective social media marketing depends on being able to create quality content, like drone video. Whether you plan on opening a new location or offering a new service, a reveal video is the perfect way to share the news on social media. Since we specialize in drone videography and social media marketing, you can count on our expertise to come up with the perfect campaign for your company’s brand.


Drone video is a great way to introduce prospective customers to your business before they even walk through the door. For example, many of our clients use drone video to show what it’d be like for customers to walk from the parking lot into their building. This can be especially helpful for dental offices so people feel more peace of mind knowing what to expect before sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Location Shots

Is your company in a convenient location or desirable neighborhood? Show it off in a drone video. Through drone videography, we can give your current and prospective customers a bird’s eye view of your company.

Drone video is also useful for those in real estate because it allows you to show off the neighborhood surrounding a house or commercial property. You can count on our experience to produce quality drone videography you can show off to prospective homebuyers on social media.

Before & After Shots

Before and after shots can be great for certain industries, like construction and remodeling. Instead of explaining what you do, why don’t you show customers with a drone video? For example, you may use aerial video to show how a house looked before and after roof replacement. The possibilities are endless when you use drone videography to supplement social media marketing.

Unique Selling Points

What sets you apart from the competition? Is it customer service? Is it your fleet of recognizable company vehicles? Think about your brand and what unique selling point would be most effective for attracting new business.

A unique selling point is something specific for your business that you couldn’t say about the competition. For example, we could fly our professional drone inside a furniture store to show just how much inventory you have or over a hotel to show how close it is to restaurants and shops.

We offer drone videography in Grand Rapids to help companies share their stories on popular social media platforms, including Facebook. To learn more about our drone services, call Fly By Marketing at (616) 512-5457.