Drone Photography Marketing Grand Rapids, Michigan

It used to be that if you wanted an aerial view of your property, you had to pay a plane or helicopter pilot to fly overhead. Today, we use a professional drone for aerial photography. Drone photography services cost significantly less than a plane or helicopter, increasing its popularity in recent years.

Benefits of Drone Photography

Drone photography can be used for any industry, from real estate to plumbing. Whether you want to show off your fleet of company vehicles or have aerial shots of the new facility you built, you can count on our expertise. We use aerial photography to show your company in the best light.

Instead of telling prospective clients what your company does, why don’t you show them with drone photography? Certain industries (like construction) can benefit from showing how a job site looked before and after their services. For example, you might use aerial photography to show how a house looked before and after roof replacement. The possibilities are endless when you choose drone photography.

Planning a company picnic or other event? Why not hire us to take some casual photos with our professional drone? Businesses depend on being able to attract new talent, which is why drone photography is perfect for sharing on your website or social media. We can help show that your company is an awesome place to work.

Our team at Fly By Marketing offers aerial photography in Grand Rapids to help you promote your unique brand on your website or social media. To learn how drone photography can help you stand out from the competition, call (616) 512-5457.